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Chong Chóng Architecture is a design firm with a mission to create living spaces that harmonize modernity and nature. We design homes with open spaces that seamlessly connect the indoors and outdoors, allowing natural light and breeze to permeate every corner. This not only facilitates air circulation but also brings a sense of comfort and ease. Inspired by the image of the pinwheel—a symbol of the countryside and childhood—each of our designs evokes peaceful and simple memories. Notably, the pinwheel spins wherever it is placed, demonstrating the presence of fresh air both inside and outside the architecture. With the slogan "When there is enough sunshine, flowers will bloom; when there is enough wind, the pinwheel will spin," Chong Chóng Architecture is committed to creating homes filled with light and cool breezes, offering you a living space that is close, familiar, and full of happiness.

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